Niall Fallon


Niall Fallon is a performer, musician, and director of physical performance. His work focuses on merging physical theatre with multi-disciplinary practices, using visual poetry as a means to question society, stretching metaphors and our capacity to empathise through experimental, performance making. He is often combining physical collage, site-specific work, opera, clown, and film with theatre anthropology.

He has curated and performed in festivals and collaborations around the world. He grew up in the north of England and trained as a theatre maker and physical performer receiving an MA (Distinction) from Rose Bruford, University of Kent (BA 1st Class) and LISPA (Arthaus.Berlin) where he was awarded a scholarship, training in the meeting points between Devising Theatre, the Lecoq pedagogy and artistic practise.

His work has been supported by organisations inc Arts Council England, Nau Coclea Spain (NCS), Destelheide Belgium (DB), Erasmus+, Arragua Art Centre, Company Theatre India, Monopol Berlin and IYAF. His work has been performed in UK venues: Wakefield Theatre, Marlowe Theatre, Sweet Venues and Resonance FM, and The English Theatre, Dock 11 and Spinner und Weber in Berlin. He co-founded the award-winning absurdist physical theatre company Bacterial Factory in 2016. His work has won a Best of Brighton Fringe Award, which amongst other pieces of his, toured India 2019. He has worked on the marketing team for the original production of Fleabag, and in 2019 was the featured artist in residence at Destelheide Belgium and Nau Coclea Spain. In 2021 he was the choreographer and movement director for the Berlin Opera Academy, where he now works as the Director of the Berlin Opera Academy Opera Studio. In 2022 he is working as the Assistant Director for the World Opera Lab and as an actor for the Deutsche Oper and Teatro Real Madrid, and as a dancer for the Dutch National Opera.

He also provides speech and voice coaching for professionals in film, theatre, digital media, advocacy, and diplomacy. His creative practice explores learning frameworks and tools for social development, education, business and public speaking for charities.

He is influenced by the work of Punchdrunk, Peeping Tom, Gecko, Thom Monckton, La Re-Sentida, and Derevo inspiring him to change how audiences creatively participate in performance.

He is based both in Berlin and England.

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