Niall Fallon

Becoming Anima

Becoming Anima is a performance of experimental, conscious movement and stop-motion animation. Somewhere between a psychedelic form of neo-butoh, spontaneous music-video creation, and Saturday morning television. It is a Like A Horse production created by Thomas Mayer and Niall Fallon.

Time slows down and untold stories emerge from the bodies. Graceful to grotesque movements reveal moments of humility, vulnerability and joyful self-ridicule. We animate ourselves by performing improvised movement sequences in front of a screen at a very slow speed, supported by the input of live music, objects, multi-screen open-source software and spoken text. We have recently presented this as part of the Online Performance Art Festival (March 2021), which lasted two hours. Created in collaboration with visual artist Marina Oo (live painting) and poet Michelle Madsen (live improvised vocals).

Recently the second manifestation of this work featured in the Abstand Bitte Performance series as part of PAF Berlin 2021.

©2020 Niall Fallon