Niall Fallon

Berlin Opera Academy

Alongside my own creations, I also work as the Choreographer and Movement Director at the Berlin Opera Academy. This year taking place in the mountains of Switzerland. My work there as a physical theatre practitioner and performance coach focused on using psychosomatic physical exercises to evoke ensemble creativity.

Under the umbrella of movement work, I helped actors and performers who were more used to recital contexts to prepare for more developed theatrical and operatic performances. Combining the world of dance with play, acting, fitness training, Alexander Technique, martial arts, and improvisation.

I also provided bespoke performance coaching, training the craft of the actor, presence, posture, and character development, as a means of tuning their use of space in performance and how constructing one’s imagination can completely shift the way we sing and act into effective performance skills.

The following video includes interviews and rehearsals from the Berlin Opera Academy 2021. Exploring my methodology and role as the Choreographer and Movement director throughout the program.

All clips are filmed by Plácido Muñoz and are property of BOA.

©2020 Niall Fallon