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The Whilst Walking Tour India

The Whilst Walking Theatre Festival was a national tour across India, including performances, theatrical experiments, and workshops, all executed in a Theatre Lab setting. The Showcase was informed and inspired by the performer’s contemporary European contexts, alongside myths and the personal stories of the creators. The seven-person collective was for the first time present in front of Indian audiences exploring the universal appeal of creation methods.

At the heart of the work was an exploration of the physical ensemble in performance. By using the body as a physical tool for creation, we explored the idea of a collective unconscious. In connection with our training, we searched for organic, historical and mythical means of communication through the body in theatre.

By being in a foreign context, the showcase became an intercultural exchange, inviting precise feedback that developed the company’s strategies to question the function of performance worldwide.

The festival offered workshops that explored the devising process used by the collective. This was a way for us to share our methods of theatrical creation with young to mid-career artists across India and evolve their shared performance vocabulary. The exchanges with participants along the way subsequently developed the work presented in each respective city.

Curated and facilitated by Niall Fallon, Titas Dutta, Ainhoa Hevia Uria, Matteo Carpi, Julia Vandehof, Gina Battle Oliva, Vivek Kumar

The tour and subsequent workshops took place in the following:

19th of January, 2019 - Tifa Working Studios - Pune, India

26th of January, 2019 - United Arts Foundation - Bangalore, India

7th - 8th of February, 2019 - Padatik - Kolkata, India

23rd of February, 2019 - UP 80 - Agra, India

24th of February, 2019 - Delhi, India

28th of February, 2019 - Castiko - Mumbai, India

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